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Train Sheds  



This new BGS page developed from a thread running amongst the active BGS e-mail group.
With so much of our recent history obliterated, including the early railways, modellers and historians often have to research information from public record offices and old publications in order to reflect in a model or article with accuracy; but this can be a difficult process.
How much better if time spent researching could be shared with other people interested in similar aspects of our hobby, perhaps allowing the opportunity for others to build models they might not have considered...
So it is hoped this new page will allow people to share their findings, as well as building a better picture of the use of train sheds on the early broad gauge railway.
Much thanks to all the contributors who have helped commpile the information shown here; if you can offer further details please get in touch.  Thank you.
Please email information to :

BGS Heritage - Train Sheds - Intro.

A 'Train Shed' or 'overall roof' was quite a common feature at many early broad gauge stations.  In the main they were built at terminus or junction stations connecting to a major line, no doubt adding to the importance of the new railway, whilst showing care for their customers.

Compared with today, trains were relatively short and could be reasonably contained within the length of the roof, affording some weather protection for passengers.  Then overnight, coaching stock - likely a regular set - would have been stabled under the canopy, similar to the adjacent view of Morehampstead station.

With help from many BGS members, known information on train sheds has been collated as shown on the following list - (from clicking on button).

Please use the Search, next page, and column reordering options to explore this list of train sheds.


Note: Additional information and references to help build up this resource are welcomed.