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From its outset the Broad Gauge Society has published information, although initially that focussed on modelling.  But as membership and the spread of interests increased, that soon included all aspects of broad gauge operation.

Articles vary in each issue, but may include; history of early Companies, the expansion of the railway, locomotives and rolling stock, building models, architecture and research; supported by drawings or photographs.

Regularly issued, this publication uniquely documents knowledge of the broad gauge era railways, forming a considerable archive of material about the period, assisting in modelling and researching this form and period of railway history.

Broadsheet magazine is posted to members as part of BGS membership.

The BGS Journal - BroadSheet

Since its formation in 1980, the Society has regularly published its informative journal 'The Broadsheet', which has evolved into a high quality, glossy printed magazine.  With contributions from many different BGS members, this continues to build a very informative and unique volume on this amazing railway network.

The content varies to include many aspects of broad gauge interest, from research, architecture, locomotive articles, railway company history, and modelling in various scales, all supported by photographs and drawings.  Copies are posted to members twice a year, and back-issues are available to new joiners.

Given given that all photographs from the period, and many line drawings are in black & white, the magazine content is generally of similar style; with occasional color issues (as illustration).  To care for the series, a purpose designed embossed binder is available to better protect a personal collection.

BroadSheet - Index

As a research aid, an Index of the Broadsheet Magazine issues is shown below.
You may step through each page using the buttons at the bottom, or use the 'Search' box.  This checks your typed word or phrase against all recorded entries, and filters the list to articles that may be of interest.  You may resequence the list by clicking on a column heading; (sequenced column is highlighted by blue arrow).   Note: article contents are not available here.

Issue Page Article Content Description Date Credit
Issue Page Article Content Description Date Credit